rhardin (rhardin) wrote in kcroyals,

I am just sick!!!

I most say I am just sick after last night game. I can not beleive we lost that stupid game.
We had a 5 run lead in the 9th. We had a 3 run lead with 2 outs. And what do the Royals do bring in the one stupid pitcher on our team that gives up homeruns. Not only that he's give up homeruns to the guy he was facing. We scored 8 runs. Zack pitched a wonderful game. Why did they take David out and replace him with Ross in Right. Come on put Mark in right and Ross at first. Mark would of gotten to that ball and ended the game. I think Troy is being paid on the side by other teams, that is the only thing I can think of. Our closer was spent so what about Mayha or Yoshie or even let Zack start the 9th!!! It was sad very very sad!!
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